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"First" Blog Post

Hey everybody!

Some of you may have followed my blog posts on my "Buy Me a Coffee" page. My intent on that platform was to create a weekly or bi monthly blog post. I started off ok, but just never got back into it. So here I am again creating my "first" new blog post on my website. My intentions for this blog are to update you all with some of my insights, knowledge, and latest updates regarding my photography. This will be an extension from my usual daily social media posts. This also allows anyone who isn't on social media to see my images and updates.

Over the last few months, I've been slowly working on redesigning my website to better showcase what kind of services I offer. Before it kind of seemed like a hodgepodge of information and links. Now, it seems a bit more streamlined. I've also added sections featuring info discussing printing options, which can be found here.

I do have a few things planned for my website and there might be a few kinks I''ll have to iron out, but I do really like the overall feel to my new site. If you notice anything off or weird while you are browsing, please let me know. For the best viewing experience, please view the website on a laptop or desktop computer.

If you would like to know when the latest blog as been posted, please subscribe to my newsletter. I promise not to spam your email folder. You will most likely only receive an email once a week or twice month.


Jason Stuempges

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